C All Star [再不再見]

[再不再見] C All Star 喺演唱會度講過依首歌對佢哋來講極具意義,因為依首歌係佢哋休團之前嘅最後一首歌。每一句歌詞都好有意思。同樣地,個演唱會同依個MV對我地來講都極具意義,因為嗰四套西裝就係我哋嘅概念產品 - 多功能360度彈性西裝。C All Star 亦有著住來勁歌熱舞,凸顯出套西裝嘅優點。有興趣嘅朋友請留言俾啲意見,等依個產品可以快啲面世。

C All Star said in their concert that this song is very meaningful song to them because it is their last song before they will split up for the foreseeable future. Every lyric means a lot to them. Same for us, the concert and this music video is very meaningful to us because these 4 suits are our concept products - 360° Stretch Multi-functional Suit. C All Star also danced with these suits, perfectly expressing the advantage of the suits. If any friends are interested in it, please leave a comment or message us to give some advise, so that we can launch this product very soon.

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