Brand Story

As technology improved our lives, why it seems to forget about improving the environment at the same time? We now live in an age where you can just click on your phone and receive your favourite shirt at doorstep, but how much this convenience cost really? We know about fast fashion waste, but how many of us would really make a change?


The modern world is focusing on digital technology, creating softwares and hardwares to meet your daily needs, but why is fashion left behind? There are apps that breaks the rules and reshape the industry, tools that help cure certain diseases, program that replace human brain and now itÔÇÖs the time to have a garment that breaks the boundaries in fashion.


We at Vacanza® aims to make a big change in fashion by infusing advanced technology into business wear that creates additional benefits to consumers and saves the earth all in one go.



VACANZA - Wear your vacation.