Vacanza Shirts boradcasting live at Made in Hong Kong 李志剛

Thanks for inviting us to the live radio show "Made in Hong Kong李志剛" today to talk about the journey of our startup brand, the uniqueness of our Vacanza Shirts and how we, as a couple, get along with each other as we work together. It's a funny story to tell indeed. (Listen to part 2 of the episode) P.S. It's a pity that my girlfriend couldn't come today. Get well soon!

感謝李志剛和超B今日邀請我們到香港電台的現場直播節目“Made in Hong Kong 李志剛”,談談我們品牌的創業之旅,Vacanza Shirts的獨特之處,以及我們作為一對情侶在一起工作時如何相處。(請聽本集的第二部分)P.S. 可惜我的女朋友今天不能來。 早日康復!

Vacanza Shirts live at Made in Hong Kong 李志剛

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