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Care Guide

How can I keep my clothes looking brand new?Should I take it to the dry cleaners?What temperature should this shirt be ironed at? Tips for a perfect wash: There is no need to wash clothes at the maximum temperature setting indicated. Do not rub garments, simply rinse gently. Do not use bleach. When drying clothes: Simply hang the garment close to the window and it will be dry in few hours.  Tips for ironing: You don't need to iron at all! Vacanza Shirt is wrinkle free and it will be straight as brand new after you hang it up for a while. 

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Successfully funded in Kickstarter

Yay! We are *100% funded* in kickstarter and it's IN 3 DAYS! This is a really special moment for us! 🎈 Thank you very much for your support! With more than 4 months of studying how to build a successful campaign, this is truly a satisfactory. If you have any question about crowdfunging, we are happy to share! Don't forget to subscribe to our website and follow our FB and IG for more daily feeds!

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